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Seven Steps to choose a prom venue

Do you remember Cinderella dancing with her prince charming in her flowing gown and glass slippers? I guess that would be the best prom Night story!

If we look at Americanism as a culture, among its star representatives is prom time, Starbucks, baseball, cheerleaders and Thanksgiving dinner. Countless movies like Grease, Footloose, Mean girls had prom dance as a prominent part of the script and the whole world knows about prom night heartbreak and dresses, thanks to them. Over the years, the prom has evolved from innocent gatherings to lavish dances in banquets with gowns to rival the Hollywood Oscar night!

Considering how important the prom is part of our memories, we at RentalSlew have listed a series of aspects that will ensure a wonderful prom night.

So here is a list of seven steps to take as we begin the journey to have a perfect prom night.

Pick a date

That was a nice Pun! What is a prom without a date? But here we are talking about the day or rather a night when we go out on a date. Fixing the date is crucial not only for the students but also for picking the right venue.

Prom nights are important but they can be flexible, so make sure there are not too many proms on that date, so maybe the prices can be negotiated and allow you to have a good venue too. Why not plan something for after prom too, like a house party under the supervision of some adult. Choose a place where people can have a get together with lots of activities within the house or in the vicinity. Blakeslee is a beautiful place where teens would have a great time with each other.

At Blakeslee Luxury castle in the Greens, Blakeslee the natural beauty of Blakeslee can be enjoyed from this luxurious property which can sleep around thirty people. Teens will love to splash about in the indoor and outdoor swimming pool with stunning views. The volleyball, netball and space to jog will keep their muscles active. The theatre room will keep the entertainment flowing through the night as will the outdoor BBQ party for some more after-prom fun.

Budget outline

While the planning for the outfit and the prom night itself is fun, the planning is outright boring. We need a team of volunteers to get together and thresh out the important aspects of this planning. A very important part is the venue and the facilities that are available there.

Most venues do look for a security deposit - keep in mind whether you have the necessary deposit to hold the venue for the future date? Or if you don’t have the ready cash, would it be available at that time?

Security deposits are there to cover for any damage caused to the property and most of the time it is refunded. But in case of accidental damage, ask who will be bearing the burden?

Size matters

Select the venue according to the gathering. If it is too big, then it feels cold and if it is too small, then it is crowded, making way for accidents to happen.

Ask for a customized floor plan. If you have something specific in mind, make sure it is possible, especially if there is something special in mind.

Is there food and drink?

Generally catering is not there at the prom but if you want some snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, then make sure to ask. Will it is provided by the venue, or rather do they allow outside food?

Plan for some snacks which the majority likes and the same for beverages too. Ask In advance so maybe the venue will have some stalls or tables and serve ware to make things better. For an after-prom night, one could go fishing, swimming, a karaoke night, a barbecue with friends or just recounting stories of school years. Poconos is a stunning place and there are properties where all this could be possible. Check out here for a vacation home near Lake Harmony which is quite close to major attractions in Poconos.

Life is best spent gazing at the water so this property on the edge of the lake is all about this. A modern three-bedroom house with a stylish kitchen and minimalistic look promises to make your stay calm and cool. Walking distance to Jack Frost/Big Boulder ski area makes it all the more alluring. With such good restaurants like Shenanigans, Nick’s lake house nearby you can have group dinner or settle for a take out dinner with a movie night in the house. Be assured life is full of good food and entertainment where you meet so many people. Laze around the deck in the morning sunshine or watch the life flowing across the lake and recall all prom night gossip.

Decorations and acoustics

We expect a live band to liven up, so look at the acoustics and the electrical fittings, which should be in order. When tired, there would be chairs and tables too. So that would need tablecloths which either the venue should provide or ask if outside vendors are there on their recommended lists? A mandatory thing for the prom is the dance floor. The floor should be nice and smooth for easy dancing.

Security issues

Inquire about the venue's security alternatives and whether they have any advice for hiring out that service if they don't have someone in-house.

Your event insurance may require security depending on the size of your school and the number of individuals attending your event.


Make sure the venue is easily accessible for everyone. Though Many students take the prom buses but ensure that those who come on their own are easily able to locate the place.

So with the seven steps to choose a prom venue, we hope guys and gals will have a super memorable night, but the after-prom night is more important for memorable bonding time. With RentalSlew there are fabulous places where a lot of things are possible which will ensure the fun does not end but begins with the prom night.

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